Custom Name Badges

Custom name badges; badge printing services in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

  • I currently offer five sizes of standard badges, therefore you can be sure of getting the size suitable for your needs.
  • I also offer wooden badges
  • No minimum order. As a result, I will produce as few as one badge
  • Print on demand, therefore, badges are produced quickly
  • High-quality printing. As a result, you will receive badges with lasting images

Custom Name Badges

Forget the generic, paper name tags of yesterday! Upgrade your professional image and create lasting impressions with custom name badges that reflect your unique style and brand.

First Impressions Matter: Make a confident and memorable entrance with customized badges featuring your name, title, company logo, or even a personal touch like a photo.

Boost Brand Recognition: Integrate your company logo and colours into the design, therefore seamlessly promoting your brand with every interaction.

Spark Conversation: Go beyond name and title! Add fun facts, interests, or pronouns to encourage icebreakers and personalize connections.

Express Your Brand: Choose from sleek metals, vibrant plastics, or eco-friendly bamboo to align with your company’s aesthetic.

Find Your Fit: Badges come in various sizes and shapes to match your style and profession. Opt for classic rectangles, modern ovals, or eye-catching custom shapes.

Durability Matters: My badges are high-quality, therefore they will last and survive everyday use.

Badges For All Organisations

Employee Badges: Build team spirit and brand identity with professional, high-quality badges.

Networking Events: Stand out from the crowd and make meaningful connections with personalized introductions.

Conferences & Trade Shows: Boost brand awareness and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Volunteer Organizations: Create a sense of unity and professionalism with customized badges for your volunteers.

Promote Inclusivity: Offer various font choices and pronoun options to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Add Interactive Features: Integrate NFC chips to share contact information or social media profiles with a simple tap. Therefore easily directing customers to your website etc.

Custom name badges are more than just identification tags; they’re powerful tools for professional success and brand building. With many customization options and high-quality materials, you can, as a result, create badges that reflect your personality, enhance your brand, and leave a lasting impression.