Astrology Badges – Libra (Zodiac Badge) – 45mm


A 45mm astrology badge. Many different symbols are available

  • Designed by a professional graphic designer
  • Standard pin fastening
  • High-quality printing
  • Contact me if you wish to customise this item
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Astrology badges

Does your inner fire burn with the passion of Aries, or does the serene moon guide your gentle Libra soul? It’s time to spark your cosmic identity with a zodiac symbol badge, the celestial accessory that declares your astrological allegiance to the world!

No longer mere birthdates, these exquisitely crafted badges transform zodiac symbols into wearable talismans of power and personality. Each badge will whisper the secrets of your sign, a silent pact between you and the cosmos.

Astrology Badges That More Than Just Adornment

Everyone is familiar with astrological signs, therefore, these badges are conversation starters, icebreakers, and instant connections with fellow stargazers. As a result, imagine the kindred spirits you’ll attract, the cosmic comrades you’ll discover, all thanks to that little symbol pinned to your jacket or bag.

Beyond self-expression, these badges are mini affirmations. Are you feeling lost? Carry the steadfast anchor of Capricorn. Need a creative boost? Let the fiery Aries spark ignite your passions. Each badge whispers encouragement, reminding you of your inherent strengths and celestial gifts.

And the possibilities are endless! Layer your badges like constellations, mix and match signs for a playful expression of your astrological family, or wear your birth chart for a truly personalized statement. Whether you’re a sun sign purist or a moon-child at heart, there’s a badge that reflects your unique cosmic fingerprint.

So, embrace the magic of the universe. Let your light shine with the brilliance of your sign. Don’t just read your horoscope, wear it proudly, own it fiercely. Upon request I can easily customise badges, therefore giving you exactly what you want.

Features of my Badges

  • Professional design: I’m a highly experienced graphic designer, and I design all my badges. As a result, you will be guaranteed design quality
  • Standard pin fastening: My badges use a standard pin fastening on the rear. This therefore makes the badges secure and easy to put on and remove
  • High-quality printing: Professional, high-resolution printing gives sharp, clear images and text. Furthermore, this ensures the badges are easily legible
  • I add a layer of mylar to the badges. Mylar is tough, and will therefore protect the image from scuffs and the elements

Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 1.5 cm


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