Disability Awareness Badges – (Rainbow Oval) – Be Kind – I Have Multiple Sclerosis


A large disability awareness badge. Badges are available for an extensive range of conditions and disabilities.

  • Designed by a professional graphic designer
  • Standard pin fastening
  • High-quality printing
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Disability Awareness Badges: Make People Aware of Your Disabilities and Needs

A disability awareness badge is a great way to make people aware of your disabilities and needs. They can help to promote understanding and acceptance. Likewise, they can make you feel more comfortable and included.

I sell a wide range of awareness badges. These include general disability badges, specific disability badges, and hidden disability badges. I design my hidden disability badges to effectively raise awareness of invisible disabilities or those that might not be apparent. Common hidden disabilities are chronic pain, mental illness, and learning disabilities.

My badges are available in a wide range of styles and colours. The main types are round badges and oval badges. I offer oval badges, as they are therefore better suited to longer text by being able to display long words while keeping a larger font size.

Disability Awareness Badge Benefits

  • Make people aware of your disabilities and needs: Disability awareness badges can help to make people aware of your disabilities and needs, which can therefore lead to better understanding and acceptance.
  • Feel more comfortable and included: Wearing a disability awareness badge can make you feel more comfortable and included in social situations and workplaces.
  • Start conversations about disability: Disability awareness badges can be a great way to start conversations about your disability. Moreover, badges will raise awareness of disability issues.
  • Make a difference: By wearing a disability awareness badge, you can help to create a more inclusive society for people with disabilities.


  • Professional design: All badges are designed by me, a highly experienced graphic designer. As a result, you can be assured of the design quality
  • Standard pin fastening: My badges use a standard pin fastening on the rear. This therefore makes the badges secure and easy to put on and remove
  • High-quality printing: Professional, high-resolution printing gives sharp, clear images and text. Furthermore, this ensures the badges are easily legible
  • I add a layer of mylar to the badges. Mylar is tough, and will therefore protect the image from scuffs and the elements


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