Public Sector Badge – Parent (D) – And I Have Feelings Too


A 45mm badge. Many different symbols are available

  • Designed by a professional graphic designer
  • Standard pin fastening
  • High-quality printing
  • Contact me if you wish to customise this item
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Public Sector Badge: Unveiling the Humanity Behind the Badge

They wear blue, green, or white, their faces framed by uniforms. But under those visible symbols of service, beat individual hearts, filled with the same hopes, fears, and dreams as yours. Introducing badges that bridge the gap between public and public servant, revealing the human beneath the uniform: “Humanizing Heroes.”

These aren’t your typical nametags. These badges don’t just list rank or department. They tell a story – a story of a person who chose to dedicate their life to serving the community, who faces challenges both big and small, and who, just like you, craves understanding and respect.

With each inscription, a barrier crumbles. You see more than a uniform, you see a fellow human being. Suddenly, the frustration at a delayed bus melts away, replaced by empathy for the tired transit worker struggling through a long shift. The impatience with a slow permit process gives way to respect for the dedicated inspector juggling a mountain of applications.

Public Sector Badge For Public Sector Workers

They open a dialogue, fostering connection rather than confrontation. They remind us that public servants are not faceless cogs in a machine, but individuals with hearts that bleed, spirits that yearn, and stories that deserve to be heard.

More than just de-escalation tools, these badges are catalysts for a kinder, more understanding society. They remind us that we’re all in this together, working towards a common good. They bridge the divide between “us” and “them,” paving the way for collaboration and progress.

So, join the movement. Order your Humanizing Heroes badge today. Show the world who you are, beyond the uniform. Be the face that breaks down barriers, the smile that sparks understanding, the bridge that connects communities.

Let’s rewrite the narrative, one badge at a time. Let’s see past the uniform and embrace the human. Together, we can create a world where public service is not just a job, but a shared journey of compassion, connection, and shared humanity.

Features of my Badges

  • Professional design: I’m a highly experienced graphic designer, and I design all my badges. As a result, you will be guaranteed design quality
  • Standard pin fastening: My badges use a standard pin fastening on the rear. This therefore makes the badges secure and easy to put on and remove
  • High-quality printing: Professional, high-resolution printing gives sharp, clear images and text. Furthermore, this ensures the badges are easily legible
  • I add a layer of mylar to the badges. Mylar is tough, and will therefore protect the image from scuffs and the elements

Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 1.5 cm


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